APGA gov primaries: the real delegates voted for me -Udensi •••• court will authentic my candidacy

The governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance in Abia state Mazi Chikwe Udensi, has said that the real delegates for the party's primary election voted for him during the May 29, governorship primary election.

He said that the three man panel for the conduct had agreed with the aspirants that the delegates for the primary election would be accredited at Kolping society conference centre, Umuahia while voting would be at Villa Roy hotel.

Udensi, who spoke to our correspondent in an exclusive interview, said he was shocked when some new enterant in the party allegedly flooded the accreditation centre with thugs as body guards visibly trying to cause confusion.

He revealed that when he noticed that some members of the State working Committee of the party had compromised and were no longer ready to abide by the rules for the primary election, he left the accreditation venue to ensure that the real delegates will be able to exercise their right of choosing a candidate for the party.

"We left them because the delegates list they were using was unknown to us", he said.

He added that he had approached a Federal High Court in the State to determine who is the authentic governorship candidate of the party. 

According to him, "We had two parallel primaries, but the question is which one is the legitimate one? Is it the one that was conducted with fake delegates list or the one that was done through  the normal process.

"Our own group had our regular primaries with the using the ward chairmen and the 17 returning officers from the local government. 

"I have approach the court in line with the 14 days window we have to seek redress because before campaign starts we must have done the needful. We have approach the court to determine who is the right person instead of leaving it in the hands of the misfits. We want to know who have taken the right steps.

"I'm a foundation member of APGA and we can't leave the house we have built for people who came on selfish political voyage.

"If they wanted to do primary election in the party, we have our process which they should have followed. But instead they brought thugs and never do Wells and social misfits to act as delegates to the extent that they have to highjacked the members three man panel, sent from Abuja from their hotel rooms to a private setting for them to sign the Congress document.

"The new comers into our party have not hidden their intentions. The first week they came into the party, they started rumouring that I was not in APGA again that I joined the YPP. The rumour started from the camp of Gregory Ibe and they sold it to Etigwe Uwa. From the day one, they didn't mean well for the party, they had their various agendas".

Udensi pointed out there was a need for party leadership to be handled by people with pedigree and sustainable means of livelihood. 

He said it will help to reduce the level of desperation for financial benefits among party leaders during electioneering period.

He said, "I have no doubts that there is conspiracy in our party, the conspiracy was borne out of greed and selfishness. That is why I have been hammering that electoral reforms should start with the political parties to ensure that those who will run the political parties must be descent people with decent means of livelihood. 

"They must be people without past criminal records. But what do we have today? hoodlums are handling the political parties, starting from the wards to the state level. The people that will influence the emergence of candidates must be descent themselves. 

"Today anybody can be the ward chairman, Loca Government chairman of the party because they are no standard on who becomes what? all that's required is one to be a hoodlum somewhere and he is chosen to lead the party.

"If we do not put in place a standard that will bring in decent people to run the party, they will also produce poor candidates".

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