I won't use state resources to service selfish people - Udensi

A Frontline Governorship aspirant Chikwe Udensi, has said that he will not share the resources of Abia just to please selfish individuals for party patronage.

While speaking with delegates in Aba, Udensi told the party faithfuls that he will utilize the resources of Abia State for the purposes of development.

The security expert frowned at the act of attempting to lure him to share the state’s money with the party for him to be made governor of Abia State.

He added that it will be evil of him to use Abia State resources to share amongst those within the party, saying that governance should not be given to poor people who will not be focused on judicial use of State fund as he won’t negotiate with mediocrity.

“I won’t negotiate with mediocrity,I won’t share the money of Abia State.I will ensure I utilize the State resources for the progress of Abia”

He said the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA was formed and organized in 2001 some 21 years ago with Chekwas Okorie,Victor Umeh and Onwuka ukwa basically to serve the interests of the Igbo’s, adding that it is important to vote a true party man like him to become the governor of Abia State having been with the party since it’s inception – that he said will accord some benefits to the party.

Udensi stated that his support and his money was used in the establishment of APGA ,but expressed sadness that certain persons have come to hijack the party and wants to bring the party into total collapse.

Udensi said the most unfortunate thing at present is that once there’s election time ,the influx of people are witnessed around party to seek for political position and leaves thereafter.

He warned and charged the delegates not to forget his roles in maintaining the party once the needs arises as some individuals who had decamped from the PDP and APC were now peddling falsehood against him- that he has left the party for other political parties.

The APGA governorship Aspirant said he embarked on the paliatives programmes for the pensioners and elderly to intervene in their problems as an outright abandonment by government was adding more sufferings to them.
He charged the delegates to fight towards the liberation of Abia State, stressing that the fight for the number one seat in Abia requires a man like him with competent personality , self sufficiency, a man who understands the People’s plights,has the fear of God and the man who has been and will remain in the party .

“It is important to avoid a man who lacks the fear of God”
He urged them to find him fulfilled as a man who has the capacity to change the trajectory with all those enlisted qualities deposited in him for the progressive workings of Abia will be brought to bear.
He further added that his records at ALGON speaks for him.

“During my time ALGON was on a front burner then I made 3.2 billion as a recovery from Paris Club “
“Let me talk to you and speak to your conscience to fight against the evil in Abia State and end it once and for all.”

“Don’t be decieved by the fake promises by some politicians”
” You must vote people based on their track records and what they have achieved for humanity”
He promised to bring in international best practices in terms of infrastructural development, healthcare services and other basic amenities if he becomes the next governor of Abia State.

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