Who is this Man Sir Chikwe Udensi?(opinion)

Abia of today basically has suffered deprivation of what the life should be for the people.

A step closer to 2023 will not be just ordinary but a consolidation of what started over Three Decades ago and today is before us to redeem ourselves: 
Sir Chikwe Udensi has presented himself a servant to salvage the course of humanity .

Without any fair thought in mind no sane Abia Man or Woman including the Youths will say the road to survival has been easier - we keep praying to God for a messaih ,how he comes we don't know but the reality is that we must know when he finally arrives.

Can we say an answered prayers has finally arrived? Yes! indeed,he came in form of a human with open mind, result oriented and a high profile man with Quintessential leadership disposition ; 
a security expert and Chikwe Udensi is the name Abians should embrace.An innovator, according to the recent Zik's award.

He hails from Atani in Arochukwu   Local Government Area in Abia State ,born like others and has impressively made a mark in virtually every fields of human endeavor ,these are the reasons why you must trust him.
He is a very old humanitarian, giving is in his nature.

Overtime,we have had people who lacked capacity to development in spite numerous trust from people,they gave the State noting good and quashed the hopes of millions of Abians,we are gradually coming to a point to think and won't remember the various pains Abia had gone through,only if we must recognize the saviour - God sent , Udensi and let him lead Abia State as a governor.

This is everyone begging for too much,this time Abians must think rightly, Abians must wrestle together so that the ultimate bad leadership Warriors,the crimes and selfishness which has held the State to ransom will be laid to the great beyond.

We should not forget Sir Chikwe Udensi's exploits and leadership roles in the Association Of  Local Government Of Nigeria (ALGON).

A grassroots organ for bringing government closer to the people.
Looking at him and what he represents, you can see a pretender; a real man of his nature is hard to come by.
Abia should stand for what is right now as a choice has been presented before them ,....Chikwe is the solution.

When he said he's going to start up palliative distribution to Abia Pensioners and the Elderly, before a twinkling of an eye,he swung into action and hope was rekindled as our senior citizens had succour and relief.

Just recently,a student he barely knew from Adam approached him for help of school fees , to her utter dismay,a prayer was answered, Udensi paid the school fees.

Which man can we really expect to help redeem Abia now if not a transparent,ever ready to serve,a Father and  counsellor who takes a million steps ahead of everyone to deliver before needs arises,a sure bet like undisputed heavyweight champion,Sir Chikwe Udensi understand the nature and the State Abia is right now.
He's the solution,he is skilled ,he is knowledgeable and he is capable.

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