The 2023 elections is for the youths, so this is Ofuji's time.

When politicians said that the youths should be allowed to take full participation in politics, people took such saying with a pinch of salt. I believe they never thought that another election year will come up. Now another election is around the corner and this is the time for youths to take over the affairs of the country at all levels. 

In Abia state, the youths are looking up to Dr Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso (CDA) Ofuji to take up the mantle of leadership as the next governor of the state.

In all sincerity, Chima Anyaso is the candidate to beat before, during and after PDP primaries and the election proper.

 Every youth and youths at heart (the old young ones) in fact all and sundry should put their hands on their neighbours shoulders, line up to get their PVCs with which they are to use and put Anyaso into the Abia State Government house. 

They will be assured of the safety of their future and that of their unborn children.



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