Hearse, ambulance and undertakers association protest extortion by revenue tasks force in Abia: threatens one month strike actionOgbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

Hearse/ambulance and undertakers association Umuahia, Abia state on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest to condemn the extortion of its members by revenue tasks force team said to be working for the state government.

The chairman of the association Mr Uche Kalu, who spoke to our correspondent lamented that  vehicles belonging to their members were frequently damaged by the tasks force team when they(drivers) refused to pay them monies ranging from two to ten thousand naira.

He said the union members ordinary has no business with  revenue task force due the emergency services they render to the members of the public .

Kalu, also revealed that the Hearse/  Ambulances driven by the members of his association were owned by various private hospitals and Mortuaries who pay all the necessary levies to the government, adding that asking the drivers to pay extra money on the road will amount to double payment.

He called on the state government to prevail on the revenue task force team to stop harassing her members, adding that the union would embark on one month strike action if the extortion continues.

He said," We are rendering essential service to the society, if the tasks force team delays our members from taking a sick person under emergency to the hospital, a life could be lost.

"On the under hand, if the a Hearse conveying the remains of a deceased person for burial is stopped on way, it may cause undue tension because of the mood of the people involved.

"All we are saying is that the revenue tasks force team should allow our members to serve the public without stress. If the harrasing situation continues unabated, we will have no option than to embark on a one month strike action".

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