Governorship hopeful urges Abians to update their voter's cardOgbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

A frontline Governorship aspirant in Abia State Chief Chikwe Udensi, has urged residents of the state to update their voter's card through the ongoing review of voters' registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission. 

He said it was important for every adult in the state to secure his/her voter's card, as that is their power to determine who will govern the State during the 2023 general election.

Udensi, who spoke in Umuahia the State capital during a meeting with the members of the State Working Committee of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, assured residents of the State that their votes must count in 2023, adding that the era where election results are written from people's homes was over in the state.

The security consultant said the only way the masses can change the political trajectory of the state is through the ballots if they are well equipped with the instrument to cast their votes.

He pointed out that proper voter's education was important to encourage party faithfuls in the state to get themselves ready for the task ahead.

Udensi, urged the ward and Local Government chairmen of the party to carry the message to their base and ensure that all members of the party obtains their permanent Voter's Card.

He said, "We have discovered that over 500, 000 voters in Aba registered in the market and their offices which are usually not open on the election day. All we need to do is to move those voters to their residential areas so they can vote on the election day.

"We want to assure our people that their votes will count, with the signing of the electoral act, it will be difficult for anybody to manipulate election figures anymore.

"The greatest cause of voter's apathy is the manipulation of election figures, that is why you will hear people say I'm not going to vote because they will write the result. It is not going to be that way anymore, it's a different ball game all together now.

"From the point of voting at the polling units, the results is recorded at the centre. So there's no collation centre to manipulate the results anymore. It is going to be a one stop shop where once you vote it's recorded at the centre. This is what is required for the level of integrity the electoral process demands. That's what we have today and we thank God for it".

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