Bizman urges Nigerians to place collective interest above selfish interest Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

High Chief Mel-Daimeon Osuji, has urged Nigerians, particularly the youths to place the collective interest of their Communities above their personal gains.

The Imo state based business man, insisted that caring for individual pockets was responsible for the rot in the country today.

He pointed out that Nigeria will be a better place to live in, when individuals fights to see that societal needs are solved by those in positions of authority than the other way round.

Osuji  spoke in Umuahia the capital of Abia State on Wednesday shortly after his investiture as a patron of the WAI Brigade, by the National Orientation Agency.

He said, "We make ourselves victims of poor representation because of selfish interest. when politicians come our way seeking for our support for elective position, we do not scrutinized them to know if they can effectively represent our interest.

"We judge by what they can give to us individually. So we approach them not bringing our collective interest, but by presenting our personal gains to them and it is easy to buy people over individually.

"Individually we are nobodies, but collectively we can form a strong alliance, bring our societal needs to those that seek to present us to solve for us.

"My worry about some our youths is that they are not willing to do anything meaningful. They are just running about looking for who will give them one Naira.  if I'm a politican, I can given them one Naira, if I ask them to shoot they will shoot, they have no minds of their own. But the responsibility to rescue our society lies on them. 

"So we must change the narrative. We want a secured ,safe and prosperous states and country. The only way we can do this is by defining what we want as a people. 

"We want infrastructures, good roads, equality education,we want the civil servants to be paid their salary as at when due and the retirees to get their pensions and gratuity as at when due too. 

"We want good and functional health care system that will be affordable to all our people. We can afford it with good Leadership. We need to make good demands from our politicans and set an agenda to move our Local Government, States and the Country to a greater heights".

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