2023: Igbo most qualified to produce Nigerian president-OsujiOgbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

Imo state-born business man High Chief Mel-Daimeon Osuji, has said the Igbo is the most qualified tribe to produce a Nigerian president come 2023.

He insisted that the Igbo Man is strong believer in the Nigeria project, thus will take the Nation to an enviable height ,if given the opportunity to lead her.

He spoke in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State on Wednesday shortly after his investiture as a patron of the WAI Brigade, by the National Orientation Agency.

Osuji, however urged politicans of Igbo extraction to laise with politicians from other parts of the country to achieve the long time ambition of producing a president from the South East.

He said, "If there is any tribe that is over prepared/qualified  to lead this country, it is the Igbos. We have capable men who can lead our country Nigeria to into the prosperity that we all desire. We can have a country that will be fair to all and united as one entity.

"If there is any true Nigerian, it is the Igbo man. You see him in far away Maidugiri, kano, Ibadan, Lagos investing and developing those area like his home town not as an Igbos, but as Nigerians. Tell me any other tribe that can equal the Igbo in investing in the Nigeria project?

"I like the aray of presidential aspirants who have indicated interest to run, we even need more. But I will say to the Igbos that regional politics does not pay, we must engage people from the other parts of the country. The people of the North and west that got the presidency didn't play regional politics.

"For the aspirants, we will want to scrutinize them at the right time and wage them and see who best suits the collective interest of the Igbos.

"The Igbo Man is not a selfish man, he believes in the Nigerian project, he is only asking to be respected. We are not troublesome people .We are law abiding citizens.

"I am a believer in the Nigerian project that is equitable to all components of this country".


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