My 94-Year-Old Late Father Man Of Integrity, Returned Part Of Funds After Building Ariaria Market — Sir Udensi

Philanthropist and security expert, Sir Chikwe Udensi has extolled the virtues of his late father, Sir Chukwuma Emmanuel Udensi saying he was a man of honour and integrity who was known for sincerity and honesty.

The nonagenarian died recently at the age of 94 after a brief illness.

Speaking on a radio programme Open Parliament on Wednesday streamed live by ABN TV and Radio, Sir Udensi said his late father lived a life free from blemishes, adding that he was the chief technical officer that built Ariaria International Market Aba. 

Sir Udensi said he was going through the pictures where his late father was handing over the market to the then governor of Old Imo State, Dr. Sam Mbakwe and Secretary to state government, Prof. Enoch Anyanwu after completion.

"He built Ariaria International Market and had no single shop to himself.

"The beauty of it is that I saw the address presented by the then Secretary to state government, Prof. Enoch Anyanwu. He said this is the first time a project like this has been built within the time frame and below budget.

"He returned part of the money that was earmarked for the project. This is also that happened some years ago after retirement, one of our highly revered brothers Sam Ohuabunwa who was the then President of Nzuko Aro invited my father to help build Abia State College and Education (Technical) Arochukwu.

"My father was asked to build it. Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa has said several times that this is the first time someone is doing a job and returning part of the money that was not used.

"My father was a man of integrity who lived a life worth emulating. We will miss him so much" he said.

No date has however been fixed for the burial.


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