It's Time To Reunite For A Common Goal, Rep. Benjamin Kalu Urges Abia APC Members, Leaders

Member representing Bende Federal Constituency and Spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Rep. Benjamin Kalu has called on members and leaders of All Progressive Congress in Abia State to reunite for a common purpose as 2023 elections beckons.

The lawmaker stated this when he featured on his weekly radio programme, The Ben Kalu’s Mandate, streamed live on ABN
TV and Radio simultaneously.

Speaking on the current issues within the party in the state, the Reps Spokesperson highlighted that the strength of the party is in its unity, noting that there will be no victory in an atmosphere of disunity. 

He said, "As of today, If Abia APC wants to win the government House in Abia State, it’s not in the shape and form that we are going about it, and this is the truth. The national body has seen it and this is why they have set up the reconciliation committee to look into the issues concerning it. However, this committee met in Abuja a few days ago, unfortunately, I could not join them but I heard they met and it was not attended by parties who should attend instead letters were sent in place of physical presence.

"The tone of the letters I have been reading online, I’m not sure if they are actually from the right source but if they are then we are truly deceiving ourselves. In the sense that we need people to win elections.

"When we came on board in 2015, there was a new energy in the party. Nobody is taking any glory but people worked very hard to reposition the party, If politics is about the people, we should not be anti-reconciliation because no one man can do it alone. If you think you’re powerful, and you can do it alone, you will fail. It is only wise to have people come together, sit and deliberate on the way to move the party forward.

"I do not believe in or belong to factions. We are one family but I will only respect and recognize my efforts towards building a stronger party in my federal constituency and the state in general". 

He encouraged all leaders, stakeholders, and members of the party to come down from their high horses to the negotiation table and form a formidable block and avoid losing it all on the grounds of ego and factional leadership, adding that they achieve more together.

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