Abia North political stakeholders call on Ohuabunwa to get prepared to return to the Senate for a rescue mission.

A group known as Abia North political stakeholders has called on Mazi Mao Ohuabunwa, who presented the Abia North senatorial district in the 8th Senate to present himself to run for the seat in 2023.

The spokesman of the group Chief Eme Okoro Phd, made the call in Umuahia the Abia State capital during an interaction with members of the group on Thursday. 

He posited that Abia North was lacking in quality representation as a result of the absence Ohuabunwa in the Senate.

He said, "People who should be in Senate are people who can show what they can do for their constituents in terms of quality law making and good representation.

"When Mao was in the 8th he showed capacity for a quality presentation and touched the lives of the constituents through the projects he attracted.

"He reached out to the most remote Communities in Abia North senatorial district and made them to see light for the first time. That's why we are calling on him to make himself available to run for Senate again in 2023".

Okoro also, frowned at the recent political development in Nigeria under the President Major General Mohhammadu Buhari.

 He said the country has degraded because of the quality of leaders at the hailm of it's affairs.

Okoro, who is a stawart of the People Democratic Party in Abia State, stated that Nigeria needs a new a political trajectory in terms of quality representation and performance.

He said the cost of running the national assembly at a time where many Nigerians were living below poverty line was alarming, adding that men who already has a source of livelyhood should be elected to man the Senate not those aiming to run the country aground.

"This country has degraded so much under Buhari, majority of Nigerian are poorer than they where 6 years ago. Prices of food items and other commodities are constantly going up without coming at all.

"Besides the economic woes the country is facing, we are also battling with insecurity with many Nigerian killed by bandits and terrorists and nothing serious is been done to stop the guly senario ", he said.

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