Abia born legal luminary urges Abians to get involved in politics

A senior advocate of Nigeria Chief 
Etigwe Uwa (SAN) has harped on the need for Abia citizens to get involved in the political development of the state as a way of ensuring good governance.

He said the state cannot become better than what its citizens are able to make out it, consequently all hands must be on desk to actualize the dreams of the founding fathers of the state.

Uwa, who spoke to a select Journalist in Asaga Ohafia Local Government, pointed out that world class cities in the world were built by leaders who were determined to better the lives of citizenry.

He said, "I believe that a lot can be done. Our roads can be Wilder and better. I noticed that there was so much traffic around the Abia tower area on express way.

"There were times people spent hours there because of the narrowness of the road. I think the time has come for there to be a bypass that can get into the city and others areas without having to pass through that narrow road. 

"I believe that every society must progress not minding the level of progress it has witnessed in the past. If a society continually strive to progress , he will continually do well.

"If you look at the world today you will find out that there are certain countries that 50 years ago, were no where but today there are first world countries, even though there are other countries that have been there for over 2000 years and they are doing well too, but a lot of people have cut up. We are now reinventing the will, there's a lot of things we can do to make our state a better place.

"We acknowledge whatever difficulties that might be, but we are  saying that regardless of those difficulties, if there are commitment , vision and the right kind of ideas we can take the state to a much higher level". 

Uwa insisted that all Abia must develop active interest in politics in order to reposition the political landscape of the state.

According to him, "I have interest in politics, I think everyone needs to take an active interest on how his or her society is governed.

"If you don't take an active interest on how your society is governed, it means you're going to leave the decision making that will affect you, your children and generations to other people. 

"Interest in politics can mean that you want to support people, it can mean that you want to run for an election, it can also mean that you want to cast your vote in the proper way. All of us must have an interest in politics especially the way that our state is today given to the fact that we all want to take our state to greater heights.

"We must have an interest in the way our state is governed, we must have an interest in the way in which the leaders of our state are selected. If we don't have that interest we will always complain at the end of the day.

"The state is as good as you make, it is as good as what you create and so it's not about one person, it's not all about me and any other person that is seeking an electoral office, it's about you and me and every individuals in Abia we have to get together to build our state and if we join our hands together we can build  our state and make it a wonderful place with pride. 50 years ago where was Dubai, Singapore, China and Riwanda which just about 20 years ago.

"A nation, a state, societies and Communities are built by individuals of vision who sat back look at the society and decide where the society will be in the next ten years, it's not a selfish thing. Governance it's not about getting in there and answering big names and sharing material things. It's about bringing about the greatest goals to greatest majority of the people and it can be done". 

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