Leo Igwe wins Heart of Humanism award

The Heart of Humanism award recognizes an individual who exemplifies humanist values. This year the recipient is Leo Igwe. 

Leo has been a friend of FBB for many years, having been pivotal in helping develop the program that became Humanist Action: Ghana. Leo is a Board Member of Humanists International and the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Humanist Association of Nigeria.

For decades, Leo has been a human rights advocate in Africa, focusing on the rights of women and children accused of witchcraft and protecting people against harmful superstitious practices. He has continued this work in the face of persecution, harassment, and attacks.

Leo has been working tirelessly to secure the release of Mubarak Bala since his arrest in April 2020, and has provided support to Bala’s wife and son. His work on this campaign has included starting dialogues with religious groups for assistance; liaising with the media; and developing a campaign strategy with Humanists International. Most people in the US or UK who know about Bala’s case have heard about it as the direct result of this work.

Leo’s dedication to securing human rights on both individual and societal levels is an irrefutable example of humanist values in action. His endeavors take place in a context unimaginable to many people in the US, as Leo repeatedly risks his own safety in a quest for a more humanist world. FBB is honored to recognize him for his commitment to justice.

To everyone who received an award this year: we thank you deeply. We believe the effects of your work will ripple out father than you may ever know. You are the Heart of Humanism.

We look forward to recognizing another extraordinary group of humanists next year.

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