Let us have infrastructural representation across all the wards in Ohuhu – Hon. Kelechi By Prince Okam – Umuahia

In Umuahia, elders say “we know who we will send on errand and the person will buy what he was sent to buy”. This adage places implicit confidence on representatives sent to represent the people in any forum.

This implicit confidence has been found in a young man the Umuahia North (Ohuhu) state constituency son sent to the Abia State House of Assembly, ABSHA to represent the five Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC wards or eight Abia State Independent Electoral Commission, ABSIEC wards in the state constituency.

Having performed well in his first tenure, Hon. Sir Kelechi Onuzuruike was given a second term mandate by the people under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Currently the Deputy Chief Whip in the State Law making Chamber, Hon. Kelechi recognized the need to keep his people informed about his activities in the House of Assembly and to present before them his score card of tangible projects during this his six years as their representative.

As such last Saturday, June 19, 2021, he congregated the people at Okaiuga Nkwoegwu Primary school where he laid bare his tangible projects to the applause of the people.

In his presentation, Hon Onuzuruike opened up:

“Today, I primarily came to thank the party and Ohuhu people, those who voted for me and those who did not, that you permitted me and asked me to go to Abia State House of Assembly to represent them.

“I went for the first time, whether I did well or not, I came back and pleaded with you and you asked me to go back and I said to God be the glory.

“I am here today to thank you and in doing so, it will be good to mention one or two things I have done since my six years in the Abia State House of Assembly.

“Please, when I was sent to the House of Assembly, through the power of God and your assistance, I came to Nkwoegwu ward, I thought the first project I did in this my area, was the 33 KVA transformer I brought into the ward, particularly, Umuohuru Autonomous Community and by the grace of God, I was also able to energize same.

“:Another one was at I came to where our mothers and sisters are trading at Nkwoegwu, I was also able to construct a little abattoir, where meat and oil is being sold to help help Nkwoegwu market as in Onuhu land, it looks as if that it is the only market that is functioning.

“After that, I went to Umuakam Nkwoegwu when they ran to me asking me to help them, I also helped to renovate their village hall.

“Not only that, where we are now, Okaiuga Nkwoegwu Primary School, by the special grace of God, I was also able to attract this classroom block and by the special grace of God, soon, other structures here will be demolished and rebuilt.

“I also went to Nkwoachara ward, when the Umuire people came to me , particularly the elders and women, stating that they want palm oil mill and where they will be frying garri. I also went there and did it for them.

“When Umuawa Alaocha people in Nkwoachara ward called on me over their civic hall, I also tried my best to see that we repaired the place and put it into good use.

“I left there for Isingwu ward, in Umumgbokwo, I also build classroom blocks for them for Isingwu ward.

“After Isingwu ward, in Umuhu ward, in Ofeme, I also built classroom block and skill acquisition centre. Also in Mbato Ofeme, when the ran to me that they don’t have urinary and toilet facilities, I also went there and did it for them.

“In our Ohuhu land, if not for anything else, I have built over 10 kilometers of rural roads starting from Ofeme and spread across Ohuhu land.

“I have not forgotten Afuguri people as people say, you save the best for the last. When my brothers, Mayor Chidiebere Nwachukwu, Chief Lucky Akabuike, Chief Kingsley Megwara and others called on me, to remind me that it looks as if I am forgetting Ohuhu people, I said no. they informed me that I should come and complete the Magistrate Court. If you go there now, you will see that the building is at the roofing level and by the special grace of God, before September, that place will be concluded and handed over to the Afuguri ward.

“So please, these things I pointed out is just to say, let us have infrastructural representation across all the wards in Ohuhu, and when we called it Tangible Projects we have done. The intangible ones are left for me, my God and humanity. 

“The intangibles are what some people call empowerment, including people I empowered with money. But this is not what I will be here to start mentioning names as this is coming here to expose my fellow human beings. 

“It will not be good if I pay the school fees of a man’s son, or paid hospital bill, it will not be good to start calling names of a man I paid his son’s school fees or paid the hospital bill of his wife. So, I leave that up to God and humanity to speak. 

“So please, in law making, I want many of our people who listen to radio stations in the state to know that we are trying. We have been enacting laws. I have sponsored bills that have been signed into laws and moved motions on matters concerning our people.

“I cannot say I have gotten all right, but to God be the glory that we are alive to witness today.

“Please, I just want to thank all present and those that couldn’t come out for me to give my report. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart as kit is not easy. Even to go as councilor now is not easy., not to talk of going for the House of Assembly.

“So, I count myself blessed, fortunate, privileged and honoured at all times to represent this great people of Ohuhu.

“I promise you that the remainder of these two years, we will be in fast gear, so that when there will be roll call, our name will not be missing”.

“Hon. Onuzuruike was full of assurances that “we will continue to do the right thing and finish the race. We started on a good footing and will continue to sponsor bills that will positively impact on the lives of the people”.

Soft speaking Onuzurike however said that of all of his projects, intangible or intangible, his education and training to the less-privileged is most dear to him.

The lawmaker who does not intend to go for a third term in the House of Assembly, but would pray to God for direction for any future higher political position, but added, “as a young man, with the platform, I will consult with god and will make it open” when the time comes.

It was an avenue for praises for him as the Deputy Chairman of Umuahia North Council, Snr Apostle Bob Ogechi Agbugba noted, “in the concluding two years, he will do more”.

Hon. Agbugba said through Hon. Onuzuruike, PDP is doing well in the constituency, hence the defection of over 500 people from All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA and All Progressive Congress, APC into PDP during the occasion.

As the adage says, “let him who the cap fits, wear it”. By all standard, Hon. Sir kelechi Onuzuruike has done the Ohuhu people proud.

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