Major General AK Ibrahim@53: A True Reflection of What A Country's Soldier Should be


The love for military service can only be ignited and motivated by an examplary soldier with a golden human heart and conscience.

Nowadays, Nigerian soldiers who joined military service are much  dreaded by civilians to the point that they are even concluded to be cruel to citizens who they are expected to protect and defend.

These cruel soldiers upholds the military service as a supreme divide and  portray it in a bad light, thus, they are seen as a threat or enemy by citizens and tools of the government to drill the masses mentally, physically and otherwise.

The worse is that, it is concluded that  those embarking on military recruitment are seen as

those emberking on suicide mission.

Like the saying goes, in every twelve there must be a Judas but in Nigeria  military service  these days,  events has revealed that not just a Judas but more Judas'.

Your Ideology about Nigeria military service will change when you meet Major General AK Ibrahim, former Brigade Commander, 14 Brigade, Ohafia in Abia State.

People who have meet Major General Ak  Ibrahim have testified him to be a true reflection of what a  country's soldier should be like and a mirror for military service.

Major General Ak Ibrahim  served Abia state from 2017 to 2019 and he has been credited to be kind, understanding, approachable, humble, caring, patriotic, punctual, selfless, adventurous, proactive, decent ,loving and distinguished.

Major General Ibrahim will be clocking 53 years of age  by  March 18, 2021 and he is  happily married with children.

He is a soldier with the golden heart, a role model for military service. The joy of becoming a soldier is the true reflection of Major General AK Ibrahim.

Congratulations Sir, Many more years to be added to you. Humanity needs you, if possible, forever. Cheers!!!

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