It was with great disappointment that I listened to Senator Smart Adeyemi's unwarranted vituperations and acute display of arrogance on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 on the floor of the Senate.

Senator Smart Adeyemi intentionally deviated from the business of the day and decided to throw caution to the wind by desending on the person of Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu (PhD) with his unparliamentary and uncomplimentary comments on the floor of the Senate.

The Senate is meant to be a sacred place for matured minds whose job or duty is mainly to make laws for the country and not for personalities who lack proper upbringing and common etiquette.

It suffices to say that Senator Smart Adeyemi is seriously suffering from acute dementia and as such he has lost touch with the realities of life. He tends to defend his pay master in his usual 'eye service' game but this time around he missed his target. Governor Ikpeazu is by no means of equal stand or measure compared to Senator Smart Adeyemi's pay master (The non performing Governor of Kogi state) who is heavily indebted to the good people of Kogi State in terms of basic social services and workers' welfare.

I am not, however, very surprised that this unnecessary outburst is coming from Senator Adeyemi. I never expected much from him because he is occupying a seat that is apparently higher than his individual capacity and, indeed, only God knows how he came back to the Senate. His act in the Hallowed Chambers is a calculated act of disrespect to the Governor of Abia state and to the 9th National Assembly. Senator Adeyemi needs to be cautioned and if he chooses to continue with this his recent senseless behavior, there may be need for him to visit a psychiatrist because comments coming from him can only but come from someone who is mentally unstable or someone of unsound mind. 

Senator Smart Adeyemi is supposed to know that Governor Victor Ikpeazu is not vicariously liable for any comment or statement coming from Senator Abaribe. Moreso, Abaribe's statement was a reaction to a debate about the ignoble, violent and desperate style of politicking of Governor Yahaya Bello which sometimes turned Kogi state to a theatre of war. I am even shocked by such pathological lies coming from a supposed man of honour like Senator Adeyemi - that Governor Ikpeazu who does not take alcoholic drinks is a drunk despite the fact that he has never met Governor Ikpeazu in person or had any dealings with him.

Senator Adeyemi, in his desperate move to impress his Governor or try to shine, was not composed enough to make any point but rather goofed and played to the gallery. 

I therefore, urge Senator Smart Adeyemi to put pride aside and tender an unreserved apology to the Governor of Abia state (Dr. Victor Ikpeazu) and the entire good people of Abia State to redeem his already battered image a little bit.

Tunji Jerome Olowohunwa (MLS)

Special Adviser To Governor of Abia State on Ethnic Harmony.

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