2023: We want a Nigerian president of South-East extraction - Group Tells Ohuabunwa to contest

Ogbonnaya Ikokwu Umuahia

A group known as South East for president 2023 has drumed support for a Nigerian president of South East extraction in  2023 and not an Igbo president.

The group stated that Nigeria was founded on regional structure and the structure has remained the basis for sharing political office since the country gained Independence in 1960.

Speaking in Arochukwu in Abia state the National coordinator of the group Rev. Okechukwu Obioha, insisted that the only way to ensure justice and equity in the country will be to allow some one from the zone to be the president of Nigeria since the zone had yet to produce an executive president.

He said supporting an Igbo president would mean that any Igbo man out side the South East zone can become president leaving the Igbos of the South East zone to wait for another opportunity.

He pointed out that all political parties in the country should consider ceding their presidential tickets to the People of the South East.

He said, "Our vision is that by 2023 the president of Nigeria will be of South Eastern Nigeria extraction.

"There are Igbos in the South-South geo-political zone that why is we are particular about having a candidate from the South East zone and not just an Igbo man outside the South-East zone.

"We want to make sure that every Political party, especially the two major parties and any emergent third force will cede their presidential tickets to the South East zone.

"To achieve our goal we intend working at persuading like minds across the country to support our vision just like we have supported presidential candidates from other zone in the country to succeed in the past".

The group however urged the convener of The New Nigeria Group Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, to make himself available to run for presidential office.

The group promised to support him irrespective of any political party he might want to pinch his tent with. 

Responding Ohuabunwa, assured the group that he will heed to their call to run for the presidential election in 2023.

He added he heard from God that his services is needed to reposition the Country.

He pointed out that Nigeria was facing four major current challenges including poverty, corruption, injustice and insecurity.

He added that the approach to solving the four critical challenges includes solving poverty which will largely solve the problem of corruption, while solving the Injustice challenge will largely deal with insecurity challenges.

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