A group under the aegis of concerned Abians in diaspora (CAD) have called on governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state to reconsider his decision and rescind the suspension of his chief of staff Associate Prof. ACB Agbazuere.

In a letter signed by Engr. Kelechi Arungwa, the Chairman and Mr. Noble Nwigwe, the secretary, they pleaded with the governor to return Dr. Agbazuere to his position stating that since the death of Chief Chijioke Nwakodo that no other person has been able to organize the administrative structure of his government the way Dr. Agbazuere did.

The group said that in as much as they do not want to dwell on the righteousness or otherwise of Dr. Agbazuere’s action during the visit of the man of God to government house Umuahia, prophet Chukwuemeka Ohaneme’ but stated that governor Ikpeazu should not forget in a hurry the positive attainments of Ass. Prof. Agbazuere as the Chief of Staff to the governor a position he has so well handled.

"We can remember that under his watch as the chief of staff he had carried out major reconstructions and remodeling of Okpara square, and many other structures within the government house."

"Dr. Agbazuere was also able to checkmate some fraud being carried out in government house without the governor's knowledge, his coming to government house in Umuahia as the governor's chief of staff had introduced some reforms that has helped the government reduce cost of running governance and made sure that government house staff attend to their duties."

The group stated that Dr. ACB Agbazuere had assisted the governor greatly in pursuing the goals of his administration and had brought in sanity and discipline into the government house in Umuahia. 

They insisted that what happened during the visit of the man of God was an honest mistake that should not attract suspension but at worst a caution because Dr. Agbazuere’s mission towards bringing the man of God to government house in Umuahia is for the betterment of the state, they opined that every government including the Federal Government undergoes such spiritual exercises and that bringing Odumeje to come and pray for the welfare of the state should not attract punishment.  

They advised the governor not to heed to the pressure of the opposition and those who do not mean well for his administration but to focus on the positives that Dr. Agbazuere had brought into his administration, the group described the call by the opposition for the governor to sack his CoS as one done out of fear of the personality of Dr. Agbazuere and not of good intention stating that the same man that they are condemning now for visiting and praying for the government of the state was the same man of God they praised when he visited senator Orji Kalu in his residence. 

They prayed to the governor to reconsider his stand and return Dr. Agbazuere so as to continue with the good works he is doing for him and the state. 


Kelechi Arungwa                                                                                                         Noble Nwigwe 

Chairman                                                                                                                      Secretary

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