Isuikwuato LG Election; The Mistake Abia PDP Must Not Make


Nigeria is going through an unprecedented time in her history may be, much more than what we've had since the independence of the country in the last 60 years.

Young people are waking to demand for inclusiveness and ownership of the government.

Local Government as the third tier of government is the most closest government to the people. It does not just bridge the gap between the government and the governed but also provides a political training ground,for young and aspiring politicians.

By virtue of its nature,a local government chairman should be someone who understands the pains of the local people. Someone that is on ground and someone that can be easily assessed by the local people.

As a political training ground,local government chairmanship should be thrown open for younger politicians. It should not be means for political settlement and recycling of old breeds.

All over the world,and even in Nigeria,youths involvement in governance has remain central. Almost on daily basis,governments of States are in competition among themselves on who breaks the record of having more young people in government.

Just recently, Ebonyi State Governor broke the record,by appointing a 27 years old man as Local Government Transition Committee Chairman. The applause Gov. Dave Umahi received was massive. The Governor was hailed for believing in the young people and going a step further to commit sensitive positions to them.

In Abia,as the Local Government election draws closer, the Governor should seize the moment to ensure that young people are given the chance to take the seat of Chairmanship not just councillors positions in the state.

Our attention is particularly on Isuikwuato, where a young man, bubbling with zeal and passion has made himself available to serve his people.

Indeed,the decision of Comrade Afulike Christian to join the race is one of the hallmarks of this year's LG election in Isuikwuato.

Before now,the narrative has been for a few individuals to exercise hegemony over the Local Government in becoming or selecting who becomes what from the Local Government.

And as all these are going on,the young population that form the integral part of the population have been left behind. This is why Comr. Afulike's candidature is coming at the right time and should be supported by all.

Comrade Afulike parades a rich profile,which should ordinary give him landslide victory in the whole process. He indeed began his political career by serving as ward councillor years ago. As a Councillor, Comr. Afulike was among the strongest voices in the council. And he brought dividends of democracy to his people using the lean resources he received.

As a Former Students Union President of the prestigious Abia State University Uturu, a former National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) executive and a teacher in the same ivory tower, Comrade Afulike understands the younger generation and how to lead them in the 21st Century. The young people that he represents,will find respite in him.

Comrade Afulike is the bridge that links the young people to the older generation. He listens and respects his elders. He is a unifier,and he is non aligned to any political cartel. He belongs to all and belongs to none in particular. His neutrality will be a key factor in achieving political stability in the local government.

He is a grass rooter. He spends greater part of his time in the Local Government. He is in touch with his people.

He is bubbling with ideas,and policies aimed at enhancing the livelihood of Isuikwuato People,particularly, the youths, older people and women in the area of skill acquisition, empowerment, and medical health.

 He intends to revolutionize agriculture in the local government by  providing direct support to the farmer to encourage them in commercial farming. He also intends to partner with the state government in making farmers in Isuikwuato to benefit from the huge package Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has for agriculture in the state.

He will create clusters for entrepreneurs in agriculture, entertainment, SMEs, transportation etc.

Security will be given serious attention in his administration. Community based intelligence and communication system in line with World Bank and UN models for security development will be deployed. while massive infrastructural development will follow, in the bid to complement the effort of the Governor of the State,Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

Allowing Comrade Afulike to emerge as Local Government Chairman will further boost the support the Governor receives from young people that cannot be taken for granted in the scheme of things.

The Governor in his youth friendly posture should allow younger people,particularly individuals that have not  held such political positions or higher in the state to come into leadership at this time.

The Governor and indeed Abia PDP should buy this opportunity and allow Comrade Afulike and other youths vying for the Chairmanship and councillorship elections to win. 


Among the demands of the #EndSars protesters includes youths inclusiveness in governance. It is time for the young people to take their chance. We must not take things for granted. A stitch in time, saves nine.

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