In furtherance to the earlier statement released by The International Press Centre, IPC, Lagos-Nigeria, information reaching it's Safety Alert Desk reveals that more media houses have been under severe and violent attacks.

The following have been reportedly affected by the ongoing riotous movement: The Nation Newpaper, Lagos, Africa Independent Television (AIT) Benin and journalists working with Punch Newspaper and other media organisations who are covering the protest have also been been confirmed attacked. This has also led to the forced closure of many media organisations.

IPC finds this recurrent attacks very worrisome and alarming as the rate keeps increasing. Lives and properties associated with these media organizations will no doubt be on the receiving end of this reprisals. 

IPC notes that, the media is the voice of the people and so should not be made to suffer from the  anger against perceived  issues of bad governance. Journalists are also part of the society and their role in reporting issues and happenings  of society is imperative.

We are calling on the aggrieved citizens to reason that destroying and attacking the media is inimical to desired outcome. We also seek the  immediate intervention of government, especially that of President Muhammadu Buhari to assuage the aggrieved citizens to end these unfortunate attacks.

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