Abia Care Centre: Nwagba lauds committee for a job well done


The Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party during the 2019 general election in Abia State, Mrs Blessing Nwagba, has commended the initiator of the Abia Care Centre project Barr Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma and her Committee for a job well done.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony of the centre at the Federal Medical centre Umuahia on Sunday, Nwagba, stressed that the fact the project was initiated by a woman who solicited for support from Concerned Abia Professionals, speaks volumes of what women can do if given the opportunity to lead.

Nwagba, who represented the Aba North State constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly for two terms, lauded the project committee and all those who contributed for the project to be actualized for their love for Abia people.

She said, "The out break of coroner Virus (Covid-19) pandemic was an international disaster. There was apprehension, panic and deaths all over the world.

"People suffered from all kinds of difficulties health wise, hunger and so on and there was need to help the needy in the society.

"Personally I embarked on many forms of palliatives to assist our people in my own little way.

"But this project was a collective effort. The originator is  Barr Ngozi Ekeoma, I don't really know her from Adam, but when I saw the essence of the project on the social media I decided to cue in to support it because one must not have millions before contributing to alleviate the suffering of the people.

"I'm glad the group managed the contribution well to realize this project on record time, because it's not only about mobziling people to support such a project but the important thing is actualizing the project like what we have here today.

"What interests me more is that the project was the initiative of a woman and we can see the result of what women can do if they are given enough opportunity to lead in society and I believe the group will take Abia to a greater heights in the future by providing many other amenities like this one".

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