*Ochendo, Ikuku and the evil machinations of Advanced Power Politicians* By Elder Frankie James

Jesus says cast not your pearls on Swines... Mattew 7:6
Swines can be found everywhere in politics, business, religions and all forms of social relationships. When they relate with you, they connect their pockets to your brain, they see you as a siphon for all the wrong reasons, they ask until you denounce them and their subtle blackmail starts. These are men who are already in 2023 and must do everything to stave off, stop and malign any person who they reasonably believe could stand in the way of their evil machinations.

First, they deliberately summed up figures, some unreasonably outrageous #556b petition to EFCC, some can never be true no matter how events turn out and the rest figments of their imagination and pushed to the public that which can never be substantiated. Those who reason in the same manner with them gave such blatant lies a chance, those who know truly how governance works, ignored them. Come and adduce evidence at least to establish PRIMA FACIE. case against the former governor and his family, they disappeared...political swines.

Just before the dust of the cooked figures could settle, they hired fellow nitwits and disgruntled elements to stage a phoney protest. When they were unable to convince people to join in their madness, they quickly hatched another plan.
#Arrest of Father and Son... which they later apologized.

Again, from God knows where, they conjured a poorly written 'script' being a document this week, purportedly discovered by EFCC during a search of the former Governor's house.   They did not lie to themselves , they made all of us look stupid, unintelligent and comprehensively foolish. They did not crosscheck their facts. They told us that an Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D ,a thoroughbred Ngwa man with amazing wisdom who has never been to India  before, was in India just to execute that rubbish they conjured. Apart from not having sense, I did not know that those who are so desperate to pull Ochendo and his family down are bunch of riff raffs, swines and poorly trained blackmailers.

There must move is to print and distribute in large numbers, poster of *OCHENDO FOR PRESIDENT 2023* Their intention is to drag out a man who had severally said he shall have had his last shot at active politics May 2023. They want to make him look like an insatiable and inconsiderate politician. Again, I ask, to what purpose? Just why would  you burn that link before you think you have crossed the bridge? Is your spirit not telling you something? This is what you had done six years with no progress. At the height of your greed induced opprobrium against them, he was returned to the Senate and his son elected Speaker.

You did all you can to incite Ikpeazu against the Ochendo family. Okezie in his infinite wisdom (by the way, an average Ngwa man has sense in abundance) disappointed all of you. These swines won't stop

You are practising Advanced Power Politics, looking at 2023 and all you can see is Ochendo and his family. You see how religiously foolish you are? You think by gathering a preponderance of lies you would be any better than them?  No! You cannot. As soon as your latest patron unplugs your pocket from his brain, you would shift ground.
May God save you from sin and death, oh ye swine.

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