Find out what your State earned this year.


Below is an extract from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) stating how much each of the 36 states of the federation as well as the federal capital territory, Abuja, got from the the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) in 2019

Analysis of the allocation revealed that oil producing states received the highest amounts, even though some of them are still beset with bad roads and workers are being owed months of salary arrears.

1. ABIA Gross: N54.32Bn Net: N47.99Bn Deductions: N6.33Bn

2. ADAMAWA Gross: N50.38Bn Net: N44.55Bn Deductions: N5.83Bn

3. #1 AKWA IBOM Gross: N169.8Bn Net: N157.2Bn Deductions: N12.59Bn

4. ANAMBRA Gross: N51.74Bn Net: N49.65Bn Deductions: N2.09Bn

5. BAUCHI Gross: N59.94Bn Net: N48.36Bn Deductions: N11.58Bn

6. BAYELSA Gross: N143.88Bn Net: N127.89Bn Deductions: N15.98Bn

7. BENUE Gross: N56.44Bn Net: N50.05Bn Deductions: N6.38Bn

8. BORNO Gross: N61.13Bn Net: N56.85Bn Deductions: N4.28Bn

9. CROSS RIVER Gross: N50.43Bn Net: N33.54Bn Deductions: N16.9Bn

10. DELTA Gross: N214.42Bn Net: N200.47Bn Deductions: N13.95Bn

11. EBONYI Gross: N45.49Bn Net: N41.08Bn Deductions: N4.4Bn

12. EDO Gross: N66.6Bn Net: N59.58Bn Deductions: N7.01Bn

13. EKITI Gross: N45.51Bn Net: N38.07Bn Deductions: N7.44Bn

14. ENUGU Gross: N51.46Bn Net: N47.92Bn Deductions: N3.55Bn

15. FCT Gross: N66.56Bn Net: N66.2Bn Deductions: N0.36Bn

16. GOMBE Gross: N47.32Bn Net: N37.84Bn Deductions: N9.48Bn

17. IMO Gross: N62.16Bn Net: N51.43Bn Deductions: N10.73Bn

18. JIGAWA Gross: N56.88Bn Net: N54.25Bn Deductions: N2.63Bn

19. KADUNA Gross: N66.9Bn Net: N61.78Bn Deductions: N5.12Bn

20. KANO Gross: N82.39Bn Net: N76.01Bn Deductions: N6.38Bn

21. KATSINA Gross: N62.52Bn Net: N58.3Bn Deductions: N4.22Bn

22. KEBBI Gross: N52.8Bn Net: N48.78Bn Deductions: N4.01Bn

23. KOGI Gross: N54.99Bn Net: N48.29Bn Deductions: N6.7Bn

24. KWARA Gross: N45.26Bn Net: N39.1Bn Deductions: N6.16Bn

25. LAGOS Gross: N152.44Bn Net: N109.22Bn Deductions: N43.21Bn

26. NASSARAWA Gross: N46.01Bn Net: N41.39Bn Deductions: N4.62Bn

27. NIGER Gross: N58.83Bn Net: N51.93Bn Deductions: N6.9Bn

28. OGUN Gross: N49.55Bn Net: N35.75Bn Deductions: N13.8Bn

29. ONDO Gross: N61.53Bn Net: N53.21Bn Deductions: N8.31Bn

30. OSUN Gross: N47.28Bn Net: N22.03Bn Deductions: N25.25Bn

31. OYO Gross: N61.84Bn Net: N51.7Bn Deductions: N10.14Bn

32. PLATEAU Gross: N52.37Bn Net: N39.37Bn Deductions: N13Bn

33. RIVERS Gross: N154.55Bn Net: N144.76Bn Deductions: N9.79Bn

34. SOKOTO Gross: N55.1Bn Net: N51.12Bn Deductions: N3.97Bn

35. TARABA Gross: N48.03Bn Net: N42.88Bn Deductions: N5.15Bn

36. YOBE Gross: N49.43Bn Net: N47.55Bn Deductions: N1.89Bn

37. ZAMFARA Gross: N50.27Bn Net: N38.45Bn Deductions: N11.81Bn.
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