Save us from landslide, Abia community begs govt Ogbonnaya Ikokwu, Umuahia

Indigenes of Ubaha in the Oriendu Autonomous Community, Ohuhu, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, have called on the federal and state government to save them from the effects of landside in the area.
The community, in a Save-our-Soul letter, lamented that farmlands, cash crops and fish ponds estimated at N7.5m had been lost to the landslide.
The indigenes asked the Nigeria Erosion Watershed Management Project and the National Emergency Management Agency to come to their rescue and save them from the damages done by the natural disaster.
Traditional ruler of the community, Eze Philip Ajomiwe, lamented that the landslide was giving the residents sleepless nights, while recounting the losses suffered by his subjects.
Ajomiwe added that the community had lost several acres of farmland to the landslide, pointing out that the incident was a threat to their continuous existence as a community and a major setback to the agricultural activities of the indigenes.
He said, “We are an agrarian community with majority of the residents engaged in subsistence farming. The landslide has destroyed our cash crops and farmlands, and I personally lost my fish ponds with over 2,500 fishes in each pond.
“The foundations of many houses very close to the landslide site, especially the piggery housing over 100 animals, have all shifted and may soon cave in.”
The traditional ruler expressed fear that if nothing was done to check the landslide, a large portion of the community stood the risk of being completely buried, while the lives of the inhabitants were not guaranteed.
Ajomiwe stated, “A similar incident happened over two years ago in our community and as a measure of self-help, we resorted to planting of bamboo trees there.
“As you can see, it couldn’t help. But the heavy rainfall this year caused a major disaster and made a mess of our little efforts and the rain is still continuing.
“At this point, we can no longer do it on our own. We are threatened; we need government assistance. We are calling on the state governor, the federal government, the Nigeria Erosion Watershed Management Project and the National Emergency Management Agency to please come to our rescue.”
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