My growing up days made me a tough man --- Chukwuebuka

Tony Blessing Chukwuebuka is a stylish and a fashion designer, at 22 he had carved a niche for himself in the fashion world that saw him winning the MR. Nigeria International Charismatic 2019, in the just concluded MR. Nigeria pageantry and talents competition in Lagos Nigeria. He shared his experience with OGBONNAYA IKOKWU in this interview.

Tell us about your back ground?

My name is Tony Blessing Chukwuebuka, I’m the Mr. Nigeria International charismatic 2018/2019. I’m from Amaogugu in Umuahia North Local Government Area in Abia State, but I’m resident in Lagos Nigeria.

How was your growing up days like?

I’m the third son of Mr. Anthony Aguoru and the last born in a family of three boys. My Growing up experience was like that of every last born. You do a lot of house work because as the last born you wouldn’t expect your elder brothers to do the jobs for you, it was a tough experience.

What’s your level of education?

I started my education in Abia state, in Aba to be precise, I did up to JSS 3 at Dorathy International Secondary School Aba, before my family moved over to Lagos and I completed my secondary education at the Federal Government College Oyo. I’m currently a three hundred level student of University of Lagos where I’m studying Estate management.

What other things do you do apart from Schooling?

I’m a celebrity stylish and a fashion designer.

Do you have your own design label?

My label is PurpleLeatherline, but we are still coming up actually, I hope to lunch the label soon; we would need a lot of audience and awareness before we kick off. Currently I make corporate, casual clothes and huddies.

How did your reign as Mr. Nigeria International charismatic come about?

The year 2018 was actually a blessed year for me; I heard of the Mr. Nigeria pageantry competition and I enrolled for the contest and at the long run after passing through all the tasks and voting, I emerged as the Mr. Nigeria international Charismatic 2019.

Were there winners in other categories at the end of the competition?   

Yes it was a mixed pageant; there was Mr. Nigeria Top model, Mr. Nigeria International himself, but myself I won the category of Mr. Nigeria international Charismatic 2019.

What made you emerged the winner in your own category?

During the competition we were lodged in a Hotel where we performed a lot of tasks together and individually. At the grand finale all of us show cased our different talents. It was after the voting that we were announced winners at various categories.

Are you a charismatic person in real life?

Yes I am definitely.

What talent show were you actually involved in?

During the camp we had a dance performance, speech performance and many other activities. I took part in speech making activity, because I’m good at speech presentation, but I also dance.

Do you think such a pageantry competition should be further encouraged in Nigeria?

Definitely yes, the overall winner got a car and a land in Abuja and I myself I got a washing machine and a land in Abuja too, so I think competitions like that is a very good platform for young Nigerians to discover their talents and make contacts that help them realize their dreams. It is worth the hype.  

What do you intend to achieve during your reign as Mr. Nigeria international charismatic?

  I intend embarking on a pet project which will centre on making clothes for the less privileged and motherless children. I will want to reach out to the needy starting from Lagos state where I stay. I will also endeavour to come down to Abia sate where I hail from to do the same. I would like to partner the state government to help me achieve my proposals.

After your reign what next would you like to do?

I will continue with fashion designing, styling and schooling.

How did you develop interest in fashion designing?

While growing up I liked styling people up and making sure that people around me looked good, there after I had to locate a place to perfect that talent by learning how to sow clothes professionally, that was how it all started. I can say that it’s been a big achievement for me because I have styled bonna boy and slim case and so many other upcoming Nigeria artists.

How has it been combining fashion designing and schooling?

It’s been tasking anyways and that’s why I’m like paused for now, purpleleather line is on the hold for now, but I will continue fully after my studies.

Will you abandon fashion designing for white collar job if you see one after school?

The purpose of going to School is to develop oneself and use the knowledge acquired to improve the society, for me fashion designing is a hubby I will keep doing it, but if I see a good job after school, I will accept it and work.




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